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Getting Started

Rouge Quickstart

The Rouge Network is used to refer collectively to both the Rouge protocol and Rouge dApps.

The Rouge protocol

The Rouge protocol is a suite of Ethereum smart contracts to manage the distribution, acquisition & redemption of social and business credentials. Each credential takes the form of an NFTs that fully respecting the ERC721 specification.

Typical potential use cases of the protocol are ticketing, coupons, vouchers but the protocol is flexible enough to be used with many other types of similar problems.

The protocol is compatible with all EVM blockchains, L1, L2 or sidechains. You can check the current supported networks.

As a developer you can interact directly with the smart contracts but most users would prefer using web3 applications.

Rouge dApps

Rouge dapps are decentralized web applications (aka web3 frontend) that uses the Rouge protocol.

Our first dApp is "Rouge Ticket" to let you create and manage events. You only need a Ethereum wallet and you can start using it for free right now:

Launch Rouge Ticket

Other dApps that use the protocol for other use cases will be released in the future.

Want to learn more? Check out this site or join our community on Discord.


This current version (V2) of the Rouge Network which is still under active development and should not yet be considered totally stable. The documentation is yet minimal and contracts have not yet been audited.