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Rouge FAQ

How secure is Rouge Ticket and the Rouge Protocol?

Rouge Ticket and the Rouge Protocol leverage the security of EVM blockchain technology and NFTs to create a secure and tamper-proof system. The decentralized nature of the platform makes it resistant to fraud and manipulation, providing increased trust and confidence for users.

What does "permissionless" mean?

"Permissionless" refers to the ability of anyone to use, create, and interact with the Rouge platform without needing authorization or approval from a central authority. This feature is a core aspect of decentralization, promoting a more open and inclusive ecosystem. In the context of Rouge Ticket, it means that event organizers can create, sell, and distribute tickets directly to fans and attendees without needing to contact or seek permission from the Rouge team or any other intermediaries.

Can I use Rouge Ticket for any type of event?

Yes, Rouge Ticket is designed to be flexible and can be used for various event types, such as concerts, conferences, sports events, or art exhibitions. The platform allows event organizers to create and manage events without restrictions.

How does Rouge Ticket handle ticket sales and distribution?

Rouge Ticket enables event organizers to manage ticket sales and distribution efficiently and securely through the platform. All value generated from ticket sales and monetary transactions are securely controlled on-chain by issuers or their chosen delegates, ensuring transparency and security in the ticketing process. The Rouge team does not have access to the funds generated from ticket sales, nor can they block or control them in any way. This decentralized approach empowers event organizers and attendees with greater control and trust in the ticketing process.

How do I check in attendees at my event using Rouge Ticket?

Rouge Ticket offers a secure and efficient QR code scanning system for verifying attendees' check-ins. The platform is currently capable of verifying online check-ins, and future updates will expand this capability to offline check-ins as well.

How can I contribute to or get involved with the Rouge project?

The Rouge project is a community-driven initiative that values collaboration, support, and feedback. You can get involved by joining the Discord community, contributing to the project's GitHub repository, or providing feedback and suggestions to help improve the platform.

What is your tech stack?

The Rouge smart contracts are written in Solidity, and Rouge Ticket is built using Svelte with many small open-source contributing JavaScript libraries, including Ethers.js and svelte-ethers-store for Ethereum integration. A minimal, optional backend layer is in place to upload metadata to IPFS, which adds speed without compromising decentralization. The combination of these technologies allows for a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience while interacting with the Rouge platform, ensuring both performance and adherence to decentralized principles.

Where is my event ?

When you create an event, its blockchain address or draft information is stored on your device.

Upon connecting with your wallet, you should be able to retrieve all the events you've created using the same browser environment. There is also a search function that allows you to find all events created with the currently connected wallet address.

To allow friends or other devices to manage the same event, you can share the blockchain address. Alternatively, you can use a QR code for an even more convenient sharing experience.