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Rouge Ticket illustrated tutorial

You can create an event on Rouge Ticket in less than 2 minutes...

Let's check with the steps below a basic usage of the app.

  1. Connect

    Let's first connect with our wallet.

  2. Signature

    The first time you will create an event, you have to authenticate your wallet address using an EIP712 signature.

  3. Creating an event

    Only dates and a name are required to create a draft event.

  4. The draft dashboard

  5. Let's add a ticket channel

  6. Channel form

    You may define as many channels as you want for an event (free or not, using ERC20 or native currency)

  7. Publishing

    Now that one channel exists, the event is ready to publish on the blockchain

  8. Main dashboard

    Congratulations the event is ready.

  9. Dashboard Menu

  10. The user application

    That's the main URL you will share to sell or distribute tickets.

  11. User wallet

    What tickers buyers can see after they checkout.

  12. A ticket

    Each ticket include a crypto-proof that can only be generated by the bearer.

  13. The scanner

    The web app includes a scanner to check attendees.

This quick tutorial was generated on 13th August 2022. Design and features are evolving quickly at this stage, so be wary that the experience you may encounter using the deployed contracts and web app may vary from the steps above.

Don't hesitate to report bugs or ask questions on our Discord.